HBX pallet tyer made by bornbinder®

HBV pallet tyer made by bornbinder®

PES pallet labelling system made by bornbinder®

PAE pallet destrapper made by bornbinder®

KS combined system made by bornbinder®

FB film banderoling machine made by bornbinder®

eurapack – your sales and service partner for bornbinder® in Germany

Securing and labelling pallets with bornbinder – environmentally aware and economical

Are you looking for a clever but simple and environmentally aware solution to securing your pallets for transport? Would you like to be able to reuse the packaging material for the return transport of the empty containers? Do you have a pallet throughput of more than 200 pallets per hour? Do you want to secure and label simultaneously? Are you looking for a system that features the highest availability and low maintenance costs? If you answer one or more of these questions with “Yes”, the machines made by bornbinder are right for you.

eurapack and bornbinder – a strong team for our customers

More than 40 years ago, the founders of eurapack and bornbinder® developed pallet securing with straps, which quickly became standard in the beverage industry. eurapack and bornbinder® are legally and commercially autonomous companies, but their shared history and objectives mean they have very close ties. eurapack is your sole sales and service partner for every aspect of bornbinder® products – machines, spare parts and fastening twine / cord. Bornbinder® specialises in the market-driven technological enhancement of the pallet securing with textile twine / cord – with Swiss precision and high demands on quality. Securing pallets with twine / cord is a simple, effective and low-cost solution – which is also very environmentally friendly. Convince yourself by contacting us.

Ask your questions about any aspect of the bornbinder<sup>®</sup> machines

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