HBV pallet tyer made by bornbinder®

High transport safety is one of the basic requirements to avoid unnecessary delays and costs during delivery. The fully automatic bornbinder® HBV pallet tyer ties cord horizontally around pre-palletised goods such as plastic crates in the beverage industry.

Depending on the size of the pallet, it is tied with one to two pieces of twine  at different heights. Thanks to the variable height adjustment of the upper tying unit and despite different load heights due to different dimensions of the packaged goods, tying is always in the optimal position. Here, the position of the label in the lower load area does not change. This ensures faultless load securing with no change to the position of the label. Thanks to good elastic recovery, the cords have high tear strength and hold the pallets together securely.

  • Quality “Made in Switzerland”
  • Professional after-sales support from eurapack
  • Output: more than 200 pallets per hour
  • The upper tying unit on the bornbinder HBV is easy to adjust in a height range of 300 mm. This means that the position of the label remains fixed despite different load heights in the lower load area.
  • bornbinder® ensures low costs for packaging material. The use of the environmentally friendly eurapack machine twine, which is ideally configured in relation to the machine, enables extremely low-wear operation.
  • The cord can be pulled off as a complete ring and reused for return transport of the empty containers – which is environmentally friendly and lowers costs
  • The bornbinder® HBV features extremely high availability and low maintenance costs
  • Machine operation is very simple and does not require permanent operating personnel
  • With a double tyer, the tying distance is easy to adjust
  • The stepless height adjustment enables adaptation to any stack height without difficulty
  • The machine can be mounted on any transport conveyor; if required, it is simple to switch from a left-hand to a right-hand version.
  • The machine is ruggedly constructed – ideal for continuous operation
  • Thanks to fully developed module engineering, you save on maintenance costs: when required, machine parts (e.g. tying unit) can be replaced by the customer and sent to eurapack for repair. This eliminates travelling expenses for technicians
  • input voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • connecting value: 2,5 kVA
  • control voltage: 24V DC
  • control: Siemens 1510SP F-1PN
  • operating: Siemens KTP700
  • options: hold-down device, automatic height adjustment

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