KS combined system made by bornbinder®

  • Fully automatic combined machine, consisting of a film banderoling machine in the lower area and a cord tyer in the upper area of the pallet
  • Torsionally rigid construction
  • The textile twine is used for load securing of the goods to be packed
  • The banderoling serves as carrier material for the EAN label to enable pallet tracking
  • The compact design enables deployment even with very limited space available
  • The cord tyer can be equipped with a hold-down device press in order to tie light packaged goods too
  • The height adjustment of the twine tying unit adapts to different heights of packaged goods
  • Possibility for “inline” labelling complying with EAN128
  • CE conformity
  • The latest technology, solid mechanical engineering “Made in Switzerland” and high-quality machine components ensure high availability and cost advantages
  • Rugged and low-vibration machine construction enables a long service life and smooth machine running
  • For the unobstructed flow of pallets without banderoling (e.g. in the empty pallet flow the band is automatically lowered below the conveyor line)
  • Professional after-sales support from eurapack
  • input voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • connecting value: 5,0 kVA
  • control voltage: 24V DC
  • operating: Siemens 1510SP F-1PN
  • handling panel: Siemens KTP700
  • options: hold-down device, inline-labelling, automatic height adjustment, film down unit

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