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Pallet labelling on cord

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Pallet labelling on stretch film or banderoling film

Pallet labelling on cord or on film

Labelling of pallets with the bornbinder® pallet labelling system (PES)

The pallet labelling system made by bornbinder® can be used to add clearly visible markings to pallets safely and extremely quickly on up to three sides. The fastening cord serves as the carrier material for a label. The PES consists of a bornbinder HBX or HBV and a special labelling machine. The labelling machine in turn consists of a twine applicator and a label printer. The labels are attached to the cord by the applicator. This means that the labels no longer have to be glued or stapled onto pallet loads. A major feature of the bornbinder® PES is that it can be equipped flexibly with a large selection of label printers in line with customer requirements.

Pallet labelling on banderoling film or stretch film

eurapack offers various solutions for labelling on film. On the one hand, it is possible to apply labels to a film banderole applied with a bornbinder® FB to your packaged goods. On the other hand, it is possible to apply labels to stretch film.

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