safety cord – for manual and

mechanical application


Packaging films – machine stretch films,

banderoling films,hand stretch films, top cover

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Labels –for pallet marking

on cord and films

Packaging materials configured to your requirements

eurapack has been your competent contact for packaging materials since 1970. Our range of products is highly specialised and closely matched to the machines we have sold. If you wish to use your bornbinder®, your rotary arm stretch wrapper or your ring wrapper to reduce packaging costs over the long term, using the right packaging materials is the most important factor.


Safety cord made by eurapack – a technical yarn that has a lot to offer

eurapack safety cord is used above all for load securing of beverage crates on pallets. The twine is suitable for environmentally friendly securing of cardboard boxes, rolling containers and crates of vegetables or as carrier material for EAN labels. eurapack hand cord is ideal for simple and fast securing by hand. eurapack machine twine  is used on pallet tyers (bornbinder® HBX and HBV) and combined systems (bornbinder® KS).


eurapack- your competent prospective partner for a wide variety of packaging films

We offer a carefully selected range of hand stretch film and machine stretch film in line with requirements. Depending on the machine, goods to be packed and packaging process, the use of blown or cast films is recommended. Our range of products also includes top cover and banderoling films. eurapack also specialises in multi-coloured printed, UV-resistant banderoling films for outdoor applications.


Labels for pallet marking made by eurapack

Starting with thermal transfer labels and bornbinder® tac label paper for our PES cord labelling system, we offer our customers self-adhesive labels individually and on reels for thermal transfer printing with marking and labelling machines. On request, we deliver label reels in all common formats, ideal for all applications in pallet and goods marking.

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