Hand stretch film made by eurapack for manual packaging

eurapack plus hand stretch film – the transparent stretch film for packaging by hand

The packaging of pallets with stretch film to protect the products against dirt and moisture is common practice in many companies. If the volume of pallets to be packaged is only a maximum of one to two pallets per day on a few days of the week, packaging with hand stretch film can definitely be a low-cost alternative to a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper or a rotary arm stretch wrapper. However, the selection of the correct hand stretch film requires caution. In contrast to stretch film for automatic application, hand stretch film is usually specified in euros / reel. The buyer of hand stretch film should therefore make sure that they pay attention to the amount offered per reel.

eurapack is above all a provider of automatic solutions for packaging. Our experience has shown that as soon as the costs of the entire packaging process are analysed, semi-automatic or fully automatic stretch wrappers lead to low packaging costs in the long term. In order to still be able to provide our customers a rounded and skilled range of packaging materials, we have been offering a low-cost transparent hand stretch film for some years now – our eurapack Plus hand stretch film.

eurapack Plus hand stretch film – our stretch film for fast and reliable packaging per hand

eurapack Plus hand stretch film is the only article we offer in the field of manual stretch film. During the production process, the film pre-stretching range is optimised – into the high-performance range – by means of a manufacturing process developed in-house. On request, we can also deliver the film in different thicknesses (for example 17 µ hand stretch film, 23 µ hand stretch film) or in the colour black. As standard, we offer the eurapack Plus hand stretch film in the following configuration:

  • Thickness: 11 µ
  • Width: 430 mm
  • Linear metres per reel: 300 m per reel
  • Weight per reel: 6 kg per reel
  • Packaging: 6 reels per box
  • Palletisation 32 boxes per pallet
  • Price: same-day, currently from 9.50 euros/ reel, minimum purchase quantity one box, including packaging and shipping. Send a request for quotation, without commitment and free of charge

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