Machine cord: automatic pallet securing

eurapack-machine cord for bornbinder® – optimal coordination is the secret

Fully automatic pallet tyers tie a safety cord around a unit of packaged goods (pallet with beverage crates, kegs or other crates, rolling containers). The operation of a bornbinder® requires deployment of a yarn that has been specially conceived for these machines. Only the optimal material composition, consistency of the twine and the precise winding of the cross-wound reels allow smooth and low-wear operation of your bornbinder®. eurapack also offers various qualities of  cord. Only the optimal co-ordination of the quality of twine  deployed, type of goods to be packed and setting of the machine by our service technicians saves you time and money over the long term as a result of minimised downtimes and constantly low consumption of cord.

Envirenmentally friendly, low-cost, simple to apply – the eurapack machine cord

In a similar way to manual cord, the following applies: the twine ring can be pulled off after use and reused. Here, eurapack machine cord makes an active contribution to environmental protection and lowers your costs. Another advantage: eurapack machine twine is largely based of recycled leftover yarns.

Short delivery times and flexibility – eurapack as partner in the beverage industry

The great majority of eurapack machine cord customers are beverage filling plants. We have been very well aware of the needs of the beverage sector for many years now. And we know that – especially in the busy season – sometimes a delivery has to be completed quickly. For years now, eurapack has been ensuring short delivery times and the greatest flexibility – a service that pays off for our customers.

The quality promise from eurapack and bornbinder®

We will be glad to advise you – without commitment – on selection of the appropriate machine cord with regard to tensile strength, stretching properties and colour. Do you only bind heavy full containers and kegs with your machine? Or does your bornbinder® only secure empty containers? Do you have high demands regarding the display effect of your goods? These are questions that we like to discuss together with you in order to select the right twine. If your machine is subsequently optimised by our Service department for this cord, we guarantee non-disruptive operation of your bornbinder. This is something you can rely on.

Please tell us your questions about our machine cord

Should you require more information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done quickly and without complication – we will be glad to advise you.

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