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Pallet turntable stretch wrapper

Stretchroboter S7

Stretch robot – mobile pallet wrapper

Semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper

Fully automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper

Fully automatic ring wrapper made by Movitec

Secure packaging – pallet wrappers by eurapack

Efficient processes and secure packaging – pallet wrappers by eurapack

Pallet wrappers are used to pack pallets safely for transport. Here, the pallet is wrapped in stretch film automatically or semi-automatically. This layer of stretch film protects the pallet against contamination and moisture. In addition, the film is matched to the packaged goods and the deployed stretch wrapper, thus also enabling load securing. Modern unwinding mechanisms enable all eurapack pallet stretchers to make considerable savings with regard to packaging material.

Tailored pallet wrappers for every performance range

eurapack offers pallet stretchers for every performance range and virtually all types of packaged goods. Fully automatic machines are a consideration as of a certain unit volume of packaged goods per time unit. For the high-performance range, we recommend that our customers use a ring wrapper. Semi-automatic machines such as the eurapack turntable stretch wrapper or our stretch robot are worthwhile from 10 pallets per day upwards.

Other factors determine which stretch machine it is most expedient for our customers to deploy. Alongside the number of packaged goods, the features of the goods to be packed play a decisive role. In the case of light and unstable products, deployment of a stretch robot or rotary arm stretch wrapper is recommended, as the goods can easily slip on the pallet during the wrapping operation. A mobile pallet wrapper can also process various pallet sizes without difficulty.

eurapack – your partner for all questions related to pallet wrappers

eurapack has decades of experience with packaging machines. Starting with our core industry – the beverage industry – we have established an excellent reputation with our machines in a wide variety of industries. No matter whether a pallet wrapper with scales, a robot or an automatic pallet wrapper in a complex, fully automatic packing line is involved – our sales staff provide you with methodical and skilled advice.

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