ringwickler saturn s2

Saturn S2 ring wrapper – the space-saving entry-level model in the low performance range

ringwickler saturn s4

Saturn S4 ring wrapper – the machine for the medium performance range

ringwickler saturn s6

Saturn S6 ring wrapper – the flexible, extendable ring wrapper for the high performance range

ringwickler saturn s8

Saturn S8 ring wrapper – the stretch wrapper for the high performance range

Packaging with ring wrappers made by eurapack

Sometimes it has to got faster – the fully automatic Movitec ring wrapper by eurapack

Our fully automatic ring wrappers enable high pallet throughput of up to 160 pallets per hour. Top performance of this kind is needed above all in highly automated packing lines. As a rule, conventional rotary arm machines are no longer able to cover this performance range. In the case of ring wrappers, the film reels are mounted on a ring rotating concentrically around the pallet. Depending on the wrapping program, the ring is raised or lowered. In contrast to turntable machines, the goods to be packed do not move during the wrapping operation.

High-tech ring wrappers meet excellent eurapack service

In the year 2013, eurapack expanded and supplemented the proven range of wrappers to include innovative ring wrappers made by the Spanish manufacturer Movitec. This enables eurapack to meet customer needs in the absolute high-performance range for packaging machines. Installation, service and spare part supply for the Movitec wrappers are ensured directly by qualified eurapack service technicians.

Movitec by eurapack: one ring wrapper – many advantages

  • High availability of the machine and cost advantages as a result of the latest technology, solid mechanical engineering and high-quality machine components
  • Long service life and smooth machine running as a result of rugged and low-vibration construction of the ring wrapper
  • Significant savings in film as a result of modern pre-stretching systems
  • Space is saved as a result of the lean engineering design of the machine
  • Maximum pallet throughput by means of a second film head on the Saturn S8 wrapper
  • Gentle packaging as a result of non-contacting, automatic hot sealing and automatic adjustment of the film draw-off tension
  • Flexible adaptation of the machine to customer requirements:
    • Banderoling function, automatic film twisting
    • A top cover dispenser can be placed upstream and/or integrated for dust-protected or splash-protected wrapping of goods

Please tell us your questions about Movitec ring wrappers

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