epw700 rotary arm stretch wrapper – our all-rounder among the fully automated machines

  • Fully automatic rotary arm stretch film wrapper with up to 300% pre-stretch facility
  • Mechanical engineering Made in Germany
  • Installation of the fully automatic stretch wrapper above conveyors
  • Rugged and low-vibration machine construction
  • Optional: horizontal and vertical moving sealing unit, upstream top cover dispenser, stepless pre-stretching
  • The epw700 stretch wrapper is equipped with a second film head, thus enabling higher pallet throughput
  • Automatic film twisting with hot sealing without contacting the goods to be packed
  • Automatic detection of height of goods to be packed by means of light sensors
  • Indication of film end / film break
  • CE conformity
  • The latest technology, solid German mechanical engineering and high-quality machine components ensure high availability and cost advantages
  • Rugged and low-vibration machine construction enables a long service life and smooth machine running
  • The integrated film pre-stretching enables optimised film consumption
  • eurapack is known as a specialist for difficult installation situations and unusual dimensions of the goods to be packed
  • The machines of the epw700 series can be individually adapted to your requirements
  • Storage of different wrapping programs
  • Number of head wraps
  • Number of foot wraps
  • Film draw-off tension
  • Height of the film overlap
  • Wrapping and lifting speed
  • Single wrapping program with / without top cover
  • Cross wrapping program with / without top cover
  • Banderoling program (only with height-adjustable sealing unit)
  • performance range: up to maximum of 100 pallets per hour
  • connection voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • connection value: 3,0 kVA
  • control system: 24 V DC
  • control panel: IM151-8
  • operating panel: Siemens KTP600
  • max. pallet dimensions: 1.000 mm x 1.200 mm
  • max. pallet height: 2.000 mm
  • wrapping speed: max. 30 wraps/min
  • pre-streching system with sprocket wheel gearing
  • options: mast extension and extension of turning circle, upstream top cover dispenser, strepless film pre-stretching

epw710 fully automatic stand-mounted film wrapper as low cost entry-level model

dreharmwickler palettenwickler epw710



epw720 – fully automatic film wrapper in 2 column portal construction

dreharmwickler palettenwickler epw720



epw722 – fully automatic film wrapper with second film head for high pallet troughput 

dreharmwickler palettenwickler epw722

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