Stretch robots made by eurapack – fast, flexible, efficient

A self-driving stretch robot is a viable option, if stationary stretching of pallets by a turntable- or rotating arm wrapper is not possible. This may be the case, if packaging goods are very diverse in size, heavy or if it is not possible to only wrap them at one place at the company. Stretch robots are pallet wrappers for the mobile use. The robots are self-driving and recognizes the circumference, as well as the height of the pallet via a feeling wheel and a photocell. The robot is easy to control – thanks to many preprogrammed wrapping modes. But still it has nearly unlimited adjustable parameters at the control panel. Our mobile machine also has a low maintenance level and the sealed battery is characterized by a long lifespan.

  • High flexibility – the stretch robots are self-driving and easy to transport
  • Very easy and intuitive control
  • Minimal installation and maintenance costs
  • Flexible in pallet size and weight
  • Economical use of stretch film
  • The stretch robots are the perfect stretching solution for smaller businesses
  • film pre-stretch factor
  • pressure of film at various positions
  • lifting speed
  • stepless adjustment of circumferential speed
  • height of film overlap
  • supporting wraps at a predefined height
  • number of headwraps
  • number of bottomwraps
  • wrapping program system slots
  • Spiral program
  • Single wrapping program
  • Sprinkle-water securing program (manual overlaying with covering sheet during program stop)
  • Performance: up to max. 20 pallets per hour
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Min. pallet dimensions: 600x600mm
  • Max. pallet height: 2200mm

Different pre-stretch systems:

FR sled – pre-stretch through electromagnetic break

PDS sled – pre-stretch via gear system (150%,200%,300%)

P3GS sled – pre-stretch with fixed states (0%/150%/250%, 0%/230%/300%)

PVS sled – pre-stretch via double engine system (150-400% stepless)


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