Turntable stretch wrappers with external film carriage

epw110 – turntable stretch wrapper – our rugged entry-lvel model

epw125 – turntable stretch wrapper – our rugged comfort model

epw135 – turntable stretch wrapper – our rugged film-saving model

Pallet turntables made by eurapack – simple and fast packaging

Turntable stretch wrappers – the entry point for automate packaging processes

Wrapping pallets manually with hand stretch film costs time, effort and above all money. As of only five pallets to be packaged per day, acquiring an automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapper can be worthwhile. Turntable stretch wrappers are often the entry point into the world of automatic stretch wrappers. Caution, however: depending on your internal processes and the products you have to package, a mobile stretch robot or rotary arm stretch wrapper might be a better option. But let that be our concern – the eurapack sales staff will advise you comprehensively to find a tailored solution for your packaging processes.

The advantages of the eurapack turntable stretch wrapper

A solid and technically mature turntable stretch wrapper made by eurapack has three major advantages over manual packaging:

  • The packaging process for each pallet is accelerated considerably
  • You save stretch film as a result of automatic pre-stretching of the film
  • The price per kilogram of machine stretch film is usually well below the price for hand stretch film

The eurapack turntable stretch wrappers – the right model for all requirements

Made in Germany, durable, of low maintenance and extremely user-friendly – our turntables of the epw100 model series. The internal film carriage means that all moving parts in the mast are protected. Your requirements determine whether the standard, comfort or film-saving model is the ideal pallet turntable to optimize your packaging processes.

Aks your questions about turntable stretch wrappers

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