epw110 – our rugged entry level model

  • Semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper in column design
  • Mechanical engineering Made in Germany
  • The epw110 enables wrapping of a wide range of different packaged goods
  • Automatic wrapping sequence with three possible wrapping programs (cross wrapping, single wrapping, splash-protected)
  • Internal film carriage, all moving parts in the mast
  • String system for wrapping pallets with high-bay racking capability
  • Film reel changes at ergonomic height
  • Film application possible at ergonomic height
  • Flexible deployment options due to simple transport of the machine
  • CE conformity
  • Space-saving and easy-to-transport machine
  • Simple handling guarantees savings in time
  • Favourable acquisition costs, minimum setting and maintenance costs
  • The epw110 is the rugged entry-level model of the epw100 series
  • Operator panel with easily understandable symbols
  • Three different wrapping programs
  • Adjustable speed for turntable
  • Adjustable lifting carriage speed of the film carriage
  • Adjustable number of foot and head wraps
  • Height scan by means of photocell to regulate the overlaps at the pallet head
  • Film stretching adjustable during the work cycle
  • Lifting carriage off switch adjustable in height to regulate the wrapping height
  • Fixed stop of the turntable in the starting position
  • Electrically regulated soft start and stop of the turntable, frequency controlled
  • Single wrapping program with / without top cover
  • Cross wrapping program with / without top cover
  • performance range: up to a max. of 20 pallets per hour
  • connection value: 230V AC, 50/60Hz, 1-phasig
  • diameter turntable: 1.500 mm
  • max. pallet dimensions: 800 x 1.200 mm
  • max. pallet weight: 1.500 kg
  • max. pallet height: 1.900 mm
  • pre-stretching system: without pre-stretching system
  • options:
    • access ramp
    • floor inlet frame
    • manual top film dispenser
    • turntable enlargement
    • mast extension
    • photocell for detection of black products

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