Your competent partner at eurapack

Stephan Hott

CEO – Managing Director

+49 7841 2019-0

Wolfgang Rinder

Sales Director
Sales area: Germany south-east, Austria

+49 7841 2019-0

Martin Hickstein

Sales Manager
Sales area: Germany mid-north

+49 7841 2019-0

Florian Spraul

Sales Manager
Sales area: Germany south-west

+49 7841 2019-0

Stefan Rudat

Sales Manager, Project Management

+49 7841 2019-0

Oliver Matt

Technical Director, Project Management

+49 7841 2019-14

Selina Knosp

Commercial Manager

+49 7841 2019-12

Christian Bäuerle

Service Director

+49 7841 2019-17
+49 171 6390704

Annemarie Riebold

Director Internal Sales

+49 7841 2019-25

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